How to Treat Lice and Nits With Mayonnaise

Use mayonnaise to treat nits and lice. Do not use commercial chemicals on the scalp to treat lice, because they are not safe for humans.

Some children have experienced serious medical consequences when desperate parents pour harsh chemicals and pesticides on their children’s heads.

There was a recent case in Iowa where a man was severely burned when gasoline was used to try and kill his head lice. In Oklahoma, it was reported that a 6-year-old girl went into cardiac arrest when the mother’s boyfriend put commercial pesticide chemicals on the scalp trying to kill the lice.

In some resistant cases people have had some results in smothering the lice with mayonnaise or Vaseline. Of course, then you have to deal with getting the grease out of your hair, but  using mayonnaise is a safe alternative treatment to chemical lice treatments.

Olive Oil for Head Lice

Olive oil is also an effective treatment in cases where live lice or nits are visible. The oil smothers and kills active head lice by filling holes they breathe through. The oil is applied liberally to the hair and must be left
on for at least eight hours. If the oil doesn’t kill the lice, it will at least slow them down, making them prime
pickings for the nit comb.

Oregano Oil for Head Lice

Oregano oil works like mayonnaise for killing head lice – by suffocating the lice. Oregano Oil — the mountain grown kind — is considered a “hot” oil which can kill lice. Put one dropper full of the oil in a tablespoon of shampoo. Apply to the head and let sit for 7 to 10 minutes. Then wash out and comb the child’s head with a special lice comb. In addition, conventional wisdom calls for the cleaning of bedding, clothing and towels in hot water. Oregano oil, two to three droppers, can be put in the washing machine to kill off pesky nits waiting to hatch.

After Treating Head Lice With Mayonnaise (or Essential Oils)

After the mayonnaise treatment for head lice, it is very important for the parents to try to eliminate the nits, because the nits have eggs in them that are less susceptible to mayonnaise treatment. Check your child’s head under a bright light. You may need a magnifying glass.

Use a pointed stick for separating hairs (a letter opener, toothpick, or chopsticks). Starting at the nape of the neck, part the hair in a straight line and check the exposed scalp for any speck. Focus on the root of each hair because lice hide at the bottom and behind the hair shaft. Check the entire head. Seeing just one louse calls for treatment. All family members should be checked.

Treatment is often a two-step process with a follow-up application targeting the nymphs that hatch after the initial treatment. It is important to use only products made for human use and to follow all directions carefully. For parents concerned about the use of chemicals – especially in light of fears that lice are becoming more and more resistant to these approaches – the lice comb, slathered in mayonnaise, is gaining in popularity.

The hair should be freshly washed and well combed before applying a special lice comb covered in mayo. Inspect and comb the hair thoroughly (in bright light and with magnification – if possible). Stop and wash the comb frequently to remove any caught lice or eggs. Re-apply mayonnaise to the lice comb as needed. Comb with mayonnaise daily until two weeks pass without finding any lice.