How do Lice Spread From Person to Person?

Head lice may be spread in a number of ways. The insects migrate from host to host through personal contact in crowded living, commuting or working conditions. 

The spread from individual to individual may be accomplished by using the same comb, scarf or hat, or sleeping in the same bed since lice do come off of these objects. They also may be spread by upholstered head rests of chairs and couches and perhaps less frequently via the head rest of a school bus.

How do head lice travel? 

They are transported by people and do not hop, jump or fly. They have powerfully developed legs, each provided with a claw and an opposing thumb-like process that is adapted for clinging. Lice are spread very easily. You can pick them up at show houses. You never really know who sat in the seat before you. You can also pick them up at garage sales, second-hand stores.  A theater or airline Seat, combs, brushes, barrettes or pony-tail holders, hats—all can transport the tiny eggs.

How Head Lice Spreads in Children 

Children typically get lice through close personal contact with another lice-infested child. Head lice can be passed by sharing combs, brushes or any other items that have contact with the head. People have also contracted lice through shared use of lockers, c losets. wall hooks, coat and hat racks. Most of the schools now have lockers instead of cloak rooms. Hats and coats hung together used to be a major source of contagion. Headphones for computers, stereos, and ipods are common sources of spread. It’s also a misnomer that you have to be dirty, unclean, or not take a bath to get lice. 

Where do lice originally come from ? 

Lice are transmitted from one person to another person, often on an article of clothing like hats, ear muffs, and scarves or through direct physical contact. We really don’t know where the first lice came from. They’ve been around a long time, probably as long as man.

How Do Crab Lice Spread? 

No matter how the head lice are acquired, they may be hard to get rid of. Crab lice are very sluggish and dependent on man, dying within 24 hours of removal from the host. An infestation will spread slowly through a group of individuals such a ship’s crew or commune resident. They are spread chiefly by sexual contact, but often are acquired by such other means as infested toilet seats or beds and by close personal contact.

How Do Body Lice Spread? 

Clothing, cots, pillows and personal items are all potential sources of transmission for the body louse. Body lice infest the clothing, particularly undergarments next to the skin. They are also known to wander about extensively. The habit of living mainly on clothing–and traveling to the skin for nourishment—has restricted body lice in civilized communities to a small minority of people who seldom wash or change their clothes. All forms of lice may be found on clothing, however.