Can Flat Iron Heat Kill Nits and Lice?

Nits, especially a chronic nit or lice infection, are hard to kill. You’ve tried other home remedies like tea tree oil and mayonnaise, olive oil, and vinegar, without fully getting rid of the nits. Now, you’re ready to try drastic remedies, like heating your hair with a flat iron, curler, or straightener to eliminate them.

Does Heat From a Flat Iron, Curler, or Straightener Kill Nits?

No, heating your hair with styling tools, like a curler, straightener, or hair dryer won’t get rid of a lice infestation. Worse, using a flat iron on your hair for lice will dry out the hair, or even burn the tips. Heating your hair does rid of nits, however, by popping the egg casings where baby lice reside.

Heat gets rid of nits, but not adult lice. This means the adult lice will come back and lay more eggs, starting the infestation again. Since a single female louse can lay hundreds of eggs in her 7-day adult lifespan, heating or burning your hair won’t get rid of lice.

Will Heating My Hair Help at All?

Heat does get rid of nits, but to fully exterminate lice, you need to get rid of the adult lice, too. Use a curler, straightener, or hair drier to kill nits, and then use another home remedy along with heat to get rid of nymphs and adult lice. If home rememdies for lice don’t work, you may need medicated shampoos for lice like Nixx, and a special nit comb to remove remaining nits (in addition to heating your hair.)